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This private computer system (“System”), including all related
equipment, software, networks and network devices (including
Internet Access) are provided for the use of authorized
SteelCloud personnel only. This System may only be used for
legitimate business purposes, subject to SteelCloud policies and
applicable law. Subject to applicable law, access to this system
may be revoked at any time.

This System may be monitored as permitted by applicable law, by
SteelCloud LLC. In the US or any subsidiaries of SteelCloud LLC,
which may be located US, for lawful purposes including
compliance with SteelCloud LLC. policies, system management,
protection again unauthorized access, verification of security
procedures, survivability and operational security. Evidence of
unauthorized or other improper use collected during monitoring
may be used in connection with administrative, criminal or other
legal action, as permitted by applicable law. All information,
including personal information, placed on or sent over this
Information System may be viewed, searched, analyzed, copied,
retained, transferred and otherwise used as permitted by
applicable law.

Unauthorized use may be a violation of the law and/or SteelCloud
LLC. policies and may subject individuals to disciplinary action up
to and including termination of employment. By continuing to use
this Information System individuals are agreeing to consent to
the above, including monitoring.

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